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Sweden, the ideal day trip from Copenhagen

We at Tour Swedish Copenhagen are your experts on everything Swedish. Run jointly by experienced guides from the Malmö area, we are keen to provide the best possible time in Sweden on our day trips. We let your experience of Sweden be as genuine as possible. With our small group tours we always try our best to adapt if you have any special interest and to answer all possible questions. With us, everything about your day trip to Sweden is well thought through.

Our day trips always takes a Swedish perspective. After pickup in downtown Copenhagen in Denmark, all our tours cross the great Øresund Bridge. The rest takes place within Sweden, whether it is the lush Scanian countryside or the towns of Lund and Malmö. Our colours are Swedish, our guides are Swedish and our passion is Swedish.

At the same time we have a great love for Denmark. We are keen to show the strong ties the two countries enjoy today, despite centuries of wars and conflict in the past. Our tours highlight the integration of a Swedish province into the Danish capital region. You can find plenty of Danish heritage in what is today Sweden, and the presence of Copenhagen far beyond the Danish border.

We like to think that where the Øresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden physically, our day trips help your connect the two countries as a complete experience.

The Oresund Bridge is crossed on any day trip to Sweden