Swedish Food Tour

Come on a culinary journey through the tastes of Sweden. Try food from both the lush countryside of Scania and well as the booming restaurant scene in Malmö.

Copenhagen to Sweden Food day trip
Local Scanian food.

Photo: Christine Hansson

Swedish Meatballs

Photo: DKdlV38

Middle photo: Christine Hansson
Bottom photo: DKdlV38

On this tour you discover Sweden and Malmö through its food. After being picked up in Copenhagen we go across the great Øresund Bridge and head out to the lush countryside. The fields of Scania are among the most fertile in Europe and produce around half of Sweden's food despite being only 2% of the land area. Here we get a taste of locally grown and produced delicacies. First we try an aperitif at family owned farm with their own produce and berries, very popular with the locals. Then we head to the next village over to an organic farm going back 300 years. Here you have the chance to visit the animals before having a starter made by the best the countryside has to offer.


For main course it is time to head into Malmö, where you get Swedish specialties at one of the latest restaurants on Malmö's booming dining scene, right out by the sea side. You will have a chance to try Swedish Meatballs. For desert we finish off right by Malmö's great landmark, the iconic skyscraper Turning Torso. Here we try the national pride "Swedish Fika", a style of coffee and cake, with a spectacular view reaching all the way back to Denmark.

Tour Details
Price: 175 € per person
Duration: 11:00-16:30
Private Tour
Copenhagen hotel pickup included
4 course meal on 4 locations
Visit the countryside and urban Malmö.
Food and water bottles included in the price. Other drinks are additional.
Minimum charge is at 6 people. Smaller groups can book by paying for 6.
Swedish Food Tour