Lund & Malmö City Tour

Malmö and Lund create the core of Swedish Copenhagen and is the hub for all of southern Sweden. These twin towns are each other's contrasts and compliments. Lund's great past once made it more Danish than Copenhagen and is today the town of wisdom, while Malmö lives in the present and is the cultural hub of the area.

Lund Cathedral with Denmark and Sweden flags
Guided Tour visiting Folkets Park Malmö

Photo: Apelöga

The Oresund Bridge

Middle photo: Apelöga

The urban core of the Swedish side of the greater Copenhagen area is Lund and Malmö. These two towns could not be more different from each other. Lund is old, small and cosy, with its prestigious university and old Danish cathedral. Malmö is bigger and always changing, as if its memory was but a few years, with modern architecture and an international and hip culture. Together they form the ideal trip, introducing both the province of Scania (Skåne) and Sweden.


The guide will in central Copenhagen in Denmark to take you and the small exclusive group of no more than 8 people to Sweden. We cross the magnificent Øresund Bridge connecting the two countries. Arriving in Lund, we learn about the Vikings, who founded the town more than a thousand years ago, and see several of their monumental Rune Stones. This is followed by looking at part of the University and the goofy student events that the entire place centres on today. We finish off Lund by a visit to the mediaeval Lund cathedral, once the seat of the largest Christian archdiocese in the world, before we head off to Malmö where you can have lunch in one of the town's many trending restaurants.


After lunch we hear the story of Malmö, a place that is the constant underdog. Malmö painstakingly works its way up to be wealthy and important, only to crash as the rug is pulled from beneath its feet, for the process to start all over again. The tour covers a church that could qualify into the Monthy Pythons, how you can get rich by bad book-keeping and what the Koreans mean by “The tears of Malmö”. We end the tour among the skyscraper in “Malm-hattan” and an excellent view towards Denmark.


The tour ends in Malmö around 15:00. You then return to Copenhagen by a direct service train - normal class or 1st class - that takes 35 minutes. The train ticket is provided by the guide and is valid all day, allowing you to continue to discover Malmö independently before returning to Copenhagen at your own pleasure. Trains run 3 times per hour and the ticket is also valid on all public transport in Copenhagen.

On certain days return by train is not available, and then the return is provided in our minibus that takes between 50-85 minutes depending on traffic.

Tour Details
Price: 1600 SEK per person
Duration: 9:00-16:00
Starting point: Tycho Brahe Planetarium,

Gammel Kongevej 10. 
Travel to and in Sweden by air-conditioned minibus.
5-6 hours in Sweden. Morning in Lund and afternoon in Malmö.
Possibility to discover Malmö independently after the tour.
Open return by train included. Option of 1st or 2nd class seats.
This tour includes some walking. Lunch is not included in the price.
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