Øresund Scenic Flight

Fly high with only the sky as a limit. Soar over the Øresund Bridge and get an astonishing view of Copenhagen and Malmö from above in a four seater plane.

Copenhagen Area Day Trip Small aircraft
Captain and passenger ready to fly over Copenhagen.
Flying across the fields in Swedish Copenhagen

Feel the freedom to fly over beautiful landscapes and the unique Øresund Bridge. You will be able to fly around Malmö’s landmark skyscraper Turning Torso so close it almost feels like you can touch it.


After a pickup at your location in Central Copenhagen and a trip across the magnificent Øresund Bridge you get out to the small Malmö Airport on the countryside of Southern Sweden. An expert aviator will give you a proper insight into the principles of flight, how to plan a flight and how to communicate with the air traffic control, before you’re ready for take-off. The pilot takes 2-3 passengers per aircraft, soaring high in the sky. During the ~30 minute flight, you get an astonishing view from above of the Øresund Bridge and Copenhagen and Malmö on either side of the strait. It is possible to get especially close to Malmö and the lush countryside around it.


During the flight, you have a headset on you so you can hear the airline traffic. You are a part of the environment that a pilot works in. If you sit in the front seat beside the pilot you might even get the chance to fly the aircraft yourself!

Tour Details
Price: 450 €
Private tour
Duration: About 5-6 hours.
Starting point: Your location in central Copenhagen.
Minimum 3 people per group.
~30 minutes of flying in a 4 seater airplane.
Øresund Scenic Flight