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The Copenhagen area is home to many popular Nordic Noir dramas on both the Danish and Swedish sides. Discover the locations of your favourites, such as Borgen in central Copenhagen, The Bridge in Malmö, and Wallander in Ystad.

Öresund Bridge
The door of Kurt Wallander with his name on.
Christiansborg, the Danish house of Power

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This tour is done in two sections on different days. When booking this tour, choose the date of your Swedish tour section. You will be asked to enter the date of the Danish tour section further on in your booking.


Ever wanted to walk in the footsteps of Wallander, cross The Bridge itself or sense the intrigues of Borgen right by the Danish Parliament?


This tour combines tours in both Denmark and Sweden. Depending on your date of travel you can choose different combinations in your tour. Choose one tour section in Denmark and one tour section in Sweden. The two sections run on different days, and you can choose yourself in what order and exactly when you would like to take them.


In Denmark all tour sections run on Saturdays and you can choose between two options: The Killing/The Bridge OR Borgen.

The Bridge Borgen
Dates: Every Saturday
Starting time: 14:00
Starting point: Vesterport Station
Duration: 1.5 h walking tour
Dates: Every Saturday
Starting time: 16:00
Starting point: Vesterport Station
Duration: 1.5 h walking tour
We see the locations used in The Killing and The Bridge, hear stories about the TV-series and Copenhagen and see some interesting spots in the city. You will hear the story behind the famous Faroese jumper and we will tell you about Danish and Swedish stereotypes. If you are a fan of Birgitte Nyborg you don’t want to miss the Borgen tour. You will get to see Christiansborg and its beautiful surroundings which were used in the series. Walk underneath the arches were the politicians can be seen plotting and hear how the show both inspired and got inspired by Danish business and politics.

In Sweden the different options take place either in Malmö or in Ystad. You can choose between an in-depth tour section on The Bridge, one on Wallander, or a film studio visit where the latest productions are being filmed right now. Ystad is 1.5 hours by train and thus suitable as a full day trip when staying to see the town after the tour.

The Bridge Wallander Ystad Studios
Dates: 28 Aug, 25 Sep, 23 Oct
Start: ~ 8:30 from Copenhagen
Guide meets: Malmö Central Station
Duration: 2.5 h bus tour in Malmö.
Return in central Copenhagen possible by 13:30
Dates: Every Monday, Thursday and Friday.
Start: ~8:30 from
Guide meets: Ystad
Duration: 1 h walking tour in Ystad.
Independent visit to Ystad film museum included (about 1 h).
Return in central Copenhagen possible by 15:30
Dates: Every Wednesday
Start: ~9:30 from
Guide meets: Ystad
Duration: 1 h tour inside Ystad film studios.
Independent visit to Ystad film museum included (about 1 h).
Return in central Copenhagen possible by 17:00
Follow the traces of Saga and Martin to both prominent and hidden spots in Malmö used in the series. This bus tour tells the story of the creation of The Bridge and is also a tour in Malmö through the eyes of the film makers and location scouts. On the tour we make a longer stop right next to the Öresund Bridge itself. Start of your visit with discovering Ystad film museum, a Wallander-heavy site. See original props and sets used in the movies and try to sit in Wallander's own armchair in his recreated living room. Then you will be taken on a guided tour with a film worker from the movies who will show several sites in Ystad used in the different recordings. You have the afternoon free to explore the town further, and why not have lunch at Wallander's own table at Hotel Continental. Begin with discovering the Ystad film museum in your own pace, a place with a Wallader focus. You will get to see props from several movies and learn about the local film industry. After lunch, you visit Ystad film studios on a guided tour, the site were many scenes in several TV-series were done, such as The Bridge and Wallander. Depending on the time of the visit, you will see the work done on current productions. Afterwards, you can discover Ystad further on your own.
Tour Details
Price: 78 
The price varies depending on add-ons such as return train tickets
The tour includes two out of five possible tour sections.
Train ticket to Sweden included. Return ticket optional.
Choose one tour section in Denmark and one in Sweden.
This tour includes walking.
Nordic Noir Tour