Our Guides

We believe the single most important thing on your tour is your guide. We are four guides from Scania in Sweden who come together to create Tour Swedish Copenhagen; several of us work as guides with other tours outside the scope of this company as well. We have different interests closes to our hearts, so every tour is different even on the same route.






Christian is a major history buff. He knows dates, kings and battles with Sweden victories, but will only mention it during the tour if it's relevant to give the Danes a friendly jab. Especially Malmö's history lies close to heart for Christian. He came up with the idea for Tour Swedish Copenhagen and ran the first tours back in 2017.

Favourite fun fact: Tycho Brahe, an imporant astronomer from Scania, lost his nose in a fencing duel because someone dared claim to be better at math than Tycho. You just don't see that kind of passion is science these days.


Ingvar is not a guide, but helps out with many of the things that happen in the background for a tour to function. He was part of the effort to start Tour Swedish Copenhagen. Ingvar also has a passion for food, and will gladly tell you where to find the best meatballs or what the deal is with eating herring.