About Us

Hugging the Øresund strait from both the Swedish and Danish side, the Greater Copenhagen area defies both international borders and natural barriers. The Swedish side, known as Scania, offers a multitude of interesting places. There is the quaint studant town of Lund, the bustling province capital of Malmö, and the lush countryside of Scania, among the most fertile land in Europe.


Tour Swedish Copenhagen was launched in 2017 in order to provide a comfortable and easy way to get the perfect experience out of coming to Sweden. The tours are run by several experienced guides from Scania, all passionate to show Sweden and let more visitors experience the best of it.


Tour Swedish Copenhagen was made possible with help from the European Regional Development Fund through the project LEADER.


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Torup Place outside Malmö
Torup Place outside Malmö
Torup Palace, a Scanian countryside estate.